Monday, 8 March 2010

Loyalty amongst 3 year olds

Last week was another hectic week, one full of fun, laughter, tears and tantrums. Where friendships were formed and bonds made between demanding but ever loyal three and four year olds.

'KK' and 'TC' two little boys, self confessed best friends; on the school bus, in the classroom, in the playground, until it comes to sharing and playing nicely that is.

“Miss Abby 'TC' hit me.”
“Miss Abby 'KK' can't share with me.”
“Miss Abby 'TC' like this to me” ...*makes hand into a claw shape, vigorously moving up and down*
“Miss Abby 'KK played [on the tricycle] for so long”
“Miss Abby 'TC' took my toy”

At the end of the day however if you ask either of them, “Who is your very good friend in school”, they will undoubtedly name each other.

Can we, as adults, say that we would be so totally loyal in a our friendship with someone we had so many conflicting issues with?

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